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A big thanks to benserwa for supplying us with the chart and all relevant information!

The following is a downloadable/print friendly solution chart for this uber-cool, puzzle game from Neopets. As Neopets releases it’s clues, make sure you keep up to date by ticking/crossing the relevant boxes. The chart is already filled with the first clue to start you off! The chart can be downloaded by right clicking on the image and selecting “save as”. Once it is on your computer, simply open it and print it out!

For a decent tutorial on how to solve logic puzzles, it is worthwhile to visit which has some great articles!

They say its only once a day but is it? If you tried answering it in 11:30 NST they will award you if you got it right of course.

Then at 12:00 NST refresh it and they haven’t changed the daily puzzle yet so answer it and you’ll get rewarded again.

I tried it and it really works! Yhe prize was the pirate usuki play set plus 150 NP. When I refreshed it and answered it again. I got the same thing! I cant believe it in 30 minutes doing nothing I got 300 NPs! Plus 2 usuki play sets! Think of what can you get if the prize is higher lets say 600 NPs…in 30 mins you can get 1200 NPs. Plus the things that is included that you can sell in the trading post!

Written by Magenta
Finally a game for us puzzle lovers! (Well, other than Faerie Caves). The great thing about this game is that you can lose as often as you want, and it doesn’t count against you. That leaves you free to explore and try out new things.

The game becomes easier once you learn how the Guards move, so you can better avoid and outsmart them. The first rule is that if you are within their “awakening distance” the Elephante guards will move up and down the screen to follow you unless there is something to block them from moving up and down. At this point they won’t move left or right any more unless you come back into line with their left or right. I will refer to an elephante stopped at a block as being “trapped” and as walking in line with a trapped elephante as “releasing” him. The elephante will also move left or right if he manages to catch up with your position on the “up/down” axis as you run from him.

ToyBox Escape Tips

Kym Huynh —  April 7, 2010 — Leave a comment

Toy Box Escape is a puzzle game where you have to figure it out first. If you make one wrong mistake, you can’t go back and you have 3 retries in one single game. Sometimes the puzzles come easy to you but when you play this game you need to carefully plan because once you get to higher levels it will take you a few try to get it. My one trick is most likely know what each pet can do and how it can help get to the exit or to the bonus coin! – tooocoolforwords