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Introducing the new The PPT Show hosting formula, we’re bringing in four (or four plus one) hosts Kym Huynh, Dave Moyer, Jonny Blackler, Lee and Helena to the mix to bring you an episode of hilarity, mischief and mayhem. From topics such as a wrap of Neopets Halloween to the new Neopets game “Ready to Roll” and discussion of the latest news on Neopets, in no way or form do we discuss nor endorse illegal activities on Neopets… ever. You’ll just have to listen to find out what we mean.


Pteri Ptactics by Cyanna

Kym Huynh —  September 14, 2016 — Leave a comment

You know the weapons. You’ve seen the enemies. You’ve flown right up that giant Grarrl’s left nostril and lived to tell the tale.

But can you leave with 1000 NP in your pocket?

Deep in the heart of Tyrannia, thousands of Pteris make their fight up the canyon with evil Pterodactyls and Grarrls doing everything in their power to stop them. What is a poor green Pteri to do? Shoot them down of course.

Such is the basic idea behind Pterattack, a game that is simple enough to learn but difficult to master. Over time Ive discovered a fairly straightforward strategy that seems to work really well for me. Hopefully my tips can help improve your final score as well as your NP intake.

Book Shop Layout

Kym Huynh —  May 24, 2016 — 1 Comment

Pretty up your Neopets shop using our pre-made shop layouts. All you need to do is click on the link below and copy + paste it into your edit screen.

Book Shop Layout