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Playing the right game matters. Its taken me a long time to find the right games for maximum neopoints in the shortest time. I had to go through many different guides and try many different games before I managed to get my full list. I decided a while ago that I was sick of having only two of three games to play because it seriously limited my ability to make enough neopoints to save up for anything I wanted. So I started with a list of four games and started going through as many games as I could, using suggestions from other guides and advice from my friends on what games were worth playing. As I went through I was amazed at how many games people were playing that were, in my opinion, useless. Most of them either gave to few neopoints or took way too much time and effort to play. Occasionally though, I found gems among the junk and I decided to share those games with you so that you dont have to go through all of the work that I did. So, without further ado, here are the fruits of my research…

Interesting Fact

One thing me and my friend have noticed during our obsession over pterattack was that the grarrl only comes up every time yoyou hear that “muahahahaha” on your speakers. It always comes 1 to 5 seconds after the “muahahahaha”. So every time you hear that evil laugh, move to the middle of the screen until you seee the grarrl and move AWAY from it.

Guns and Upgrades

If you are a beginner:

– don’t get every circle thing (gun upgrades) you see. Every time you get a different color circle, you start on the lowest level of that gun. always stick to one color of circle things.

Pterattack Tips

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Greater power up

An easy way to get up in the high score area is to stick with one type of ring. In my opinion, the red ring is the best because it goes up to 5+ levels and covers a wide area when you get a lot of red rings (not red blinking). – the Clark Family

Don’t go for red

Alright so you want to have a high score, then keep on getting orbs, the only advice from me is not to take the red one, because the red one usually gives you good weapons and gives you the starting weapons. And for a high score play in hard difficulty it doesn’t matter though cause its easy to get 1000 np by that difficulty. Keep the Pteri in the middle so the Grarrl wont get you, play every day and you’ll be a pro. – ApriBella

Pterattack is a game found either in tyrannia or the games room, you have the option of difficulty levels- easy, medium or hard for beginners I would recommend the easy level. In pterattack their is to sides to the area in which your ptera can fly you will notice that their are fuzzy bit along the side these will hurt you E.g. take one of your lives (monitored on the bar on the right side of the screen their are four pteras each time you die one of the birds vanish till you have a black bar I you die after this it’s game over.

Pteri Ptactics by Cyanna

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You know the weapons. You’ve seen the enemies. You’ve flown right up that giant Grarrl’s left nostril and lived to tell the tale.

But can you leave with 1000 NP in your pocket?

Deep in the heart of Tyrannia, thousands of Pteris make their fight up the canyon with evil Pterodactyls and Grarrls doing everything in their power to stop them. What is a poor green Pteri to do? Shoot them down of course.

Such is the basic idea behind Pterattack, a game that is simple enough to learn but difficult to master. Over time Ive discovered a fairly straightforward strategy that seems to work really well for me. Hopefully my tips can help improve your final score as well as your NP intake.