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Broke every day? Read on. The problem is, while some Neopians are millionaires, some are straight out flat broke. And you wonder: What’s their secret? Well, I happen to know some. Read on.

1.) Go to Tombola, the Healing Springs, Coltzan’s Shrine, Fruit Machine and the great big Omelette in Tyrannia EVERY DAY. Most people know this, but sometimes you forget and that makes you miss out on something really rare. So GO TO THESE PLACES EVERY SINGLE DAY. Never know, that ol’ Tombola guy might do you some good.

2.) Go to the Money Tree. Occasionally. Most people think this is impossible. But I’ve found that clicking on the items at the bottom of the screen on the left gets you more things. Why? Because most people just want to hurry hurry, so they grab the things next to the scrollbar on the top. Just press the Page Down button on your keyboard; it’s a lot faster than scrolling. And you might find some rare things at the bottom. It may take awhile before you get the hang of it though. So dig deep!

200m Peanut Dash Guide

Kym Huynh —  March 1, 2018 — 1 Comment

Playing fetch with your Puppyblew has never been so easy! You are the Puppyblew, the stick thrower is an Elephante, and the stick is really a peanut, an overgrown one at that!

This is very similar to the game fetch. You must power up the Elephante for an estimated distance throw, once the peanut is thrown you are responsible for guiding the Puppyblew to catch the peanut. Power up as much as you can because this will equal your score.

It is highly recommended that the Elephante is powered up to maximum by pressing the left and right arrows quickly. Once at full power, press up, to release the peanut. This will travel approximately 170m. With the large throw also comes a lot of logs which the Puppyblew must jump over, and with this also gives you the opportunity to gain more points by doing “fancy” jumps!

Snow Wars II is pretty easy once you have the right strategy.

First, you need to only play when you have the right snowman setup to defend. All your snowmen should be at least thee snow blocks from the edge of the field you can build in. Why three? Because that is the max length of the pieces you get to surround and re-build your fort. If you have less room than that, you end up not being able to use larger pieces to surround your snowmen in later rounds.

So, restart the game until your snowmen are in a good place. Then build a fort around them. I usually just click like mad on my mouse in a rough circle around the snowmen and fill in spots I miss.

In this guideline I’ve skipped the basics because I think everyone knows how the game Solitaire goes. If you don’t, the rules on Neopets are pretty clear and good to follow so read them first!

So you’ve played a couple of Solitaire games and finally got the bronze trophy but since bronze is just bronze, you actually really want the gold one.

Unfortunately the game takes quite a lot of time (since you barely win) and it isn’t a lot of fun to play. To give you better chances on winning the trophy here are a few guidelines you should follow.

Overall Guidelines:

These guidelines make it easier to play the game itself

Hey, many of you may have tried Alien Invasion and the problems just got too hard or you’d been doing it for hours and couldn’t concentrate any longer; so I’m here to give some helpful tips.

1. NEVER use the # pad that they give you at the bottom of the game. Using your keyboard is much easier and quicker.

2. I prefer to use the larger size, but its really your preference on standard vs. larger.

3. Sometimes you’ll type the answer and it won’t shoot, so you’ll get really frustrated because you know its right and all and will keep trying. What may have happened is you hit a key too hard and it double the #. So, just look right below the cannon and see if that’s what you’ve typed so far. If it isn’t, just hit enter and re-select, then type. The backspace key doesn’t work.