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A big thanks to Suzuka (togepi_forever) for keeping us updated!

Getting Neopets Premium does not mean you can’t get frozen. If you get frozen, Neopets Premium doesn’t automatically cancel. You will be paying for it unless you cancel it. It is possible to switch it to another account, however.

Neopets Premium users do not have access to special parts of the site (besides the Portal and Premium Boards) or special pets.

A big thanks to Suzuka (togepi_forever) for keeping us updated!

All Premium Users are now able to refer up to twenty users to Neopets Premium. Once all your referrals have been used, if you have one that has not signed up, you may remove them from your referrals and refer another user. You may continue doing so until all your referred users have signed up past the 15-day Trial Period.

A big thanks to Suzuka (togepi_forever) for keeping us updated!

1 – 1,000 Neopoints and 10 random codestones (no red codestones, just from the original 10).

2 – Lucky Space Faerie Charm. This is a trophy that will show up with all the other trophies on your userlookup. With the charm, flash games will randomly double your NP payout and (unverified) you may receive more random events in the site. If you cancel premium, you will lose this trophy. If you resubscribe on the same account, you will get it back.

3 – Paint Brush. You may choose between Snow, Electric, Disco, and

Welcome to our brand new host, Mary, as she floats in gently like a graceful swan alongside regular, Kym, to bestow her knowledge of Neopets Premium and the mini petpet park plot missions.

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