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Potato Counter Cheats

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Thanks to Tinkytinkerbell for the information!

Play three times in one go

You only have to play this once and it will give you the neopoints for 3 games. Just play one game, then right after it says you guessed it in something seconds and got so many neopoints, press refresh and it will say you got an amount of neopoints. It will give you the neopoints without playing. Then do that for the 3rd round and u save time playing potato counter! – John Wong

Win without counting

When you’re playing, right click on the screen a go to View Source. In View Source, scroll down until you see

Extreme Potatoe Counter (EPC) is an easy game that doesn’t require much skill, talent, experience, wit etc. All you need is a quick counting brain.


One thing that is good to do is keep the color of the potatoes in your head, because around level 3-4 other types of vegetables will start appearing. Another thing I find helpful is to keep your eyes in the middle of the screen. This way you can tell if a potato just appeared from somewhere or if it came from some were else and you just saw it as it passed. The other reason I do this is to be able to see everywhere on the screen.

The game may seem kind of pointless and cute, but it can quickly get gruesome if you’re not paying attention. Since there’s no real strategy outside of having to keep track of flying brown objects, I’ve found several methods work for achieving a respectable score:

1. Turn off any kind of outside noise, such as listening to music or the TV. Turning off your speakers might help too, if the noise from the game itself becomes distracting.

2. It sometimes helps to count potatoes using your mouse pointer. Pay attention, and don’t focus on any new spuds that may appear for too long. Some like to clip the screen and vanish quickly, so try to keep some distance from the monitor and relax your eyes in order to focus on the whole playing field. Don’t worry about blurry vision, since you’re only counting spinning brown things.

Potato Counter – a game known for its…originality…and the fact that you need to be lightning quick with numbers in order to win a maximum of 100 Neopoints. That means that if you win 100 Neopoints for all three of the times you’re allowed to play in a day, you can earn yourself 300 Neopoints. To most, it’s not much, but to some whom are obsessed with collecting Neopoints, this can be remotely helpful.

But how to count all those Potatoes in less than fifty seconds? Well, easy enough. All you need is a calculator. Yes, a calculator.

Potato Counter Tips

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Count potatoes using a calculator

Whenever I play this game I always use a calculator to count the potatoes. I found that if I count them myself, I tended to lose count a lot. All you need to do is press ” 1 +” on your calculator every time you see a potato.

Say at the end there were 4 potatoes altogether, you would have pressed “1 + 1 + 1 + 1”. Then just press “=” at the end and you have your total number of potatoes. You don’t even have to count the potatoes in your head, the calculator does it for you.