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Hi there! Im akemiakiko and Im going to tell you a quick and easy way of making lots of neopoints. I know some of those guides say that but sometimes they dont really help much or are nearly impossible. But Im going to tell you my way, which I know works. Lets get started.

Usually when I log onto Neopets, the first game I play is Meerca Chase. I dont know why I usually start with that one, but I just do. So lets start with that also.

1. Meerca Chase is a fairly simple game and is a great way to get neopoints. You may recognize it as Snake. You can either play at low, medium, or high level. When I first started Neopets I played it at low, but as I got better at it I moved to medium, then to high, which I play at every day now. I try to aim for at least 350 points, so I will get 350 np each time I send the score, and dont send my score unless I get that or higher. If you arent the best at this game you may want to have a lower standard at first but as you get better, youll want to increase that.

Swarm is a very interesting game of shoot the bad bugs. The idea is to shoot the bug but not to get shoot yourself. you have 4 towers that will take a certain amount of shots and they disappear!!

In Swarm you control a tank equipped with a powerful laser gun. Evil bugs are invading, and it’s up to you to protect your base. Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move your tank, and the SPACE BAR to fire your weapon.

Some of the enemies will be different colors, if you shoot one of these enemies a power-up crystal will drop. Collect the crystal for one of seven special effects including a smaller and larger tank, and an extra shield.

The following are mapped solutions on how to complete the game Marblemen 🙂

The blue dot is where the bumper should be placed. This solution will give you the coin which will give you 10 points and get you in the goal fast enough to give you 9 points, making your overall score 19 .

In this one place the bumpers in the following order to get a whopping 16 points: Light Blue, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Green, Weird Blue, Weird Red.

Put the bumper down on the first regular red dot, then the dark one, then the red one, then the dark one. This should get you about 8 or 9 points, I keep getting both for some reason .

Well, this game is rather simple. However, can be rather hard. There’s not much to it.

Supposing you simply want your 3000 NP a day for this game, you can do it within minutes.

You use the arrow buttons to move, and when you get stuck (run into an object or being) you have to click all of the arrows randomly to be able to move again.

The game glides a lot so it may seem a little hard to control at first, but after the first round it’s simple.

To get your 1000 NP per turn all you need is 250 points in the game. (Finish the first round and 4/6 go-tarts of the 2nd round.)

Some Quick Statistics

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Learning Curve: Easy

The Guide

Like undoubtedly everyone else, I have searched the Internet for fast ways to earn neopoints; finding many “Earn X neopoints in Y of minutes!”. You can find your own and I’m sure you already have. However, this guide is to compliment one of those. What I noticed was that many of these guides neglected to mention Attack of the Marblemen in their list of games to play, which was confusing to me because it was such an easy game to earn the max of 3,000 neopoints per day (in around 10 – 15 minutes) or 720 neopoints in less than 2 minutes.