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Mary Sutherland gives us the 411 on Key Quest in today’s episode because *drumroll*… Key Quest is officially out of beta! That’s right folks, come on over and line up to gave a go at the latest game craze to hit Neopets.

  • KeyQuest, a game where everybody wins, now out of beta
  • Mary gives us a ton of KeyQuest strategies
  • Free halloween goodie bags and where to get them
  • What you can do with the Halloween goodie bags
  • New items in Neopets
  • New Random Contest in Neopets
  • The big style tag debacle

Episode 29 of The PPT Show unites Kym Huynh, Evan and Drake (or his alter ego Demon) as the second group on this week’s host-packed recording session. (We had so many hosts that we had to split the recording up into two teams.) With topics on discussion such as whether people actually notice what is on the Neopets Notice Board, whether or not the battledome is essentially to Neopets or biased towards certain Neopians, unreleased items that are M.I.A. (missing in action), Neopets’ competitors, and whether or not Neopets is racist, tune in for an exciting episode of The PPT Show.


We’re back everyone! Lee, Ella Cumber and Kym Huynh snuggle up pretty darn close to Neopets’ creators Adam Powell and Donna Williams to find out what they really think about Neopets today and to find out what really happened when they left Neopets! (Exclusive! Exclusive! Exclusive!)

  • The departure of Adam Powell and Donna Williams.
  • NeoHomes 2.0: Bringing back the Neopets!
  • What Adam thinks Neopets’ biggest strength lies.
  • An update on “Neopets the Movie”.
  • Adam Powell and Donna Williams locked out of their accounts?!
  • Adam tells us what really happened to the Brucey B plot ending.