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If you visit Pink Poogle Toy today, you might be a little bit surprised at the change that you see before you.

You might rub your eyes once, twice or maybe even thrice, but don’t fret, Pink Poogle Toy is still here. It has just been cleaned up, better coded, what we believe to be a better implementation, and better… well… everything.

After seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks running over the entire website with a fine-tooth comb, endless planning sessions and coding marathons, we are absolutely proud to present to you today this year’s incarnation of Pink Poogle Toy, and we’re absolutely ecstatic with the result!

It’s 2011 already and is anyone else shocked at how fast 2010 zipped by?

December 2010 was an exciting time at Pink Poogle Toy with the site overhaul starting to make some traction.

We cleaned up a lot of small aesthetic issues that were bugging us and implemented changes that speeds up the website. It is now almost as zippy as 2010. (Get it? Haha. Ha.)

We’re elated with the result and are also proud to announce a new monthly tradition of a month in review of Pink Poogle Toy.


We had a whole pile of numbers sitting in our archives so here they are!