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Experienced Neopets

Experienced neopet are cards that you keep in your regular deck. They are sort of like upgrades to you basic neopet of the same species. They have better stats than basic neopets, and most experienced neopets have an effect. To play an experienced neopet, you need to have a certain type of basic pet in an arena. For example, to play a Kacheek Shepherd, you need to have a basic Kacheek on the field and a light neopet. The basic neopet then becomes that experienced neopet. So a Blue Kacheek would then turn into a Kacheek Shepherd when you played the experienced neopet.

There are 12 pictures and 3 possible questions per picture.

Picture 1 of 12

  • What colour is the spider on Spider-Man’s chest? Black
  • Which of Spider-Man’s shoulders has Venom injured? His right
  • What colour are the eyes for the Spider-Man costume? Silver

Picture 2 of 12

  • What is on the wall in the top left corner? Fan
  • What colours are on Spider-Man’s costume? Red and blue
  • What pattern is on Sandman’s shirt? Stripes

Picture 3 of 12

  • What colour are Eddie’s eyes? Green
  • What is on the front of Eddie’s T-shirt? A Stain
  • What is Eddie wearing over his T-shirt? Hooded sweatshirt

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  • What colour is the wall behind Harry? Gold
  • What colour is Harry’s suit? Black
  • (more…)

WB Bringing NeoPets to the Big Screen

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures and
March 24, 2005

Warner Bros. Pictures has entered into an agreement with NeoPets, Inc. to develop and produce animated feature films based on new and existing stories and characters from the virtual world of, the world’s leading online youth community. The announcement was made today by Jeff Robinov, President, Production, Warner Bros. Pictures, and Doug Dohring, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, NeoPets, Inc.

Dylan Sellers will produce the projects with Dohring; Warner Bros. Pictures’ Aditya Sood will oversee production for the Studio. NeoPets, Inc. will co-finance development.