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Now, this one is a tad tricky. I have a few tips, however, if you want to win it (which I have done, twice):

1.) The more time on the site the better. If you only get on to feed your pets, play games, and get money, then forget about winning. You have to be updated on everything, like new items and other games.

2.) Things that have just been introduced will be on there a lot. When I won the last time, I just got on and said “Oh! That’s Hubert from the Hot Dog Place!” I just typed it in, and happened to be one of the first 500.

Ever wanted to become a Neopets hero? Im here to help you become that person, with this useful guide that I have written, to help you set up your own Adoption Agency. Creating it is very simple, but maintaining it, its challenging depending on your profits and youre Staff. A lot of people have asked me how to start your own Adoption Agency (or AA), so I came with these steps to help you. Enjoy!

First Step

Take a piece of paper and write down your Menu categories. This may include any Activities, Contact Form sections, etc. The more events you have going on, the more interesting your Agency will be! Heres a list example of what you could have:

We all know that once in a while our pet will get sick. Be it from Wheel’s or Foods. Here is a guide to help you not make the mistake of getting sick and what you can do if it happens anyway.

1) How do they get sick? Well, there are many ways. If you spin a bad spin on lets say the Wheel of Excitement you might just end up with a sick pet. Another is random events, something will spit on you and well you just can’t do anything can you? The last thing is if your pet eats something terrible.

Now this may seem a little strange, because who thought you could make 100,000 neopoints in seven days when other people have guides for 100,000 neopoints in 50 days but I have a way. It might be easy, or it might not be easy but this will get you rich. It got me rich (well not like a millionaire yet, but I’m still working on it ). First of all, find a guide for fifteen thousand a day. Read it over, and see if that guide for fifteen thousand is helpful.

You are searching a guide for fifteen thousand because, if you get fifteen thousand every day for seven days, in total you have one hundred and five thousand. Now I know you might have a shop, and might ask, “How am I going to live for seven days without spending some money for my pets/shop?” Well what you do is, use that extra five thousand for your shop. Don’t worry about your pets, because you absolutely need to collect your daily freebies. The omelette can be used 3 times, so that feeds a pet three times.