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1. Different places you can visit:

There are many places in Neopia that can get your pet up at the top. One of my favorite places to go is Coltzans Shrine. Coltzans Shrine is a place where you can win NP, (Neopoints,) Gain stats for your pet, Get rare items, and many other things. Another great place is the Mystery island training school. There you can pay, in codestones, to have your pet trained by professionals. They can train your pet agility, defense, strength, and some other side things. Of Course, if you don’t like Mystery Island, then you can go to Krawk Island to train your pet at their training place. These are just some of the places to train your pet.

I have been on Neopets for 2 years now and have seen every trick in the book of how people try to scam and hack. Just recently hacking and scamming has become more common and even easier to fall for. This article points out the majority, if not all the ways not to get scammed or hacked and to keep your account safe. Scams are pretty easy to pick up on, if it’s too good to be true it really is. Usually it will be a fake login screen where you have to retype your password, or they will change their prices at the last second and you will end up paying more than you bargained for so keep your wits about you. Other typical scams are buying ‘raffle tickets’ to win a bigger prize, or bidding a lot on a cheap item in a trading post to receive a more expensive item. And trust me, no one will give you 1 million np or 10 baby paint brushes so don’t believe it. Also NEVER change your email address if someone asks you to.


Hey there, so you wanna get NP quick ay? Well gaining NP takes TIME and PATIENCE, so please do not think this is a “1 Million NP in 10 Days” guide. That said… let’s move on to the nitty-gritty.

Do you really need it???

So one day on Neopets you find the most glorious paint brush or item you have ever wanted. You’re so desperate to get it but there goes almost all of your NP in one go. Think to yourself first of all, is this a MUST have item, or do you want it to impress people, e.g. showing off a painted pet. Don’t forget this fact as most people tend to buy paint-brushes as an indication they want there pets to be noticed. Now, lets get to the NP Making.