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This is a guide for beginners. It’s on a fairly similar level to my other guide for beginners on running a shop. So, straight to it, making np! There are many ways to do it, and everyone will have their favorites.

1. The first step is to open a bank account at the Neopian bank. In here you can save your money and earn interest on it. The more money you have in your account, the higher your account level will be and the higher the rate of interest.

2. Visit the Tyrannian Plateau and pick up a free omelette (once per day). You can use omelettes to feed your pet or sell them in your shop.

This game is pretty recent, and I have found that it can be a very quick way to make a lot of neopoints if you know what you’re doing. The goal is to win the “bilgeline” which is the matching number the skull is on. You can bet many other ways, but I have made a system that I prefer and use myself.

Just a quick comment, I have made over 100,000 neopoints in one day playing this game alone! 🙂

First off, you might want to start playing with low chip denominations. Of course, if you want to make the big money, go for the max (300 np per chip).

The following is a complete listing of all the cards that is available in the Return of Dr. Sloth Neopets TCG card series. They are color coded by rarity.

Red cards = Very rare
Orange cards = Rare
Green cards = Uncommon
Blue cards = Common

1 Angelpuss
2 Cooty
3 Domination
4 Dr. Sloth
5 Fyoras Wand
6 Gorix
7 Grundo Warehouse
8 Jetsam Ace
9 JubJub Engineer
10 Mutant Babaa
11 Reactor Core
12 Ring of Sloth
13 Self-Destruct Sequence
14 Sleep Ray
15 Space Faerie
16 Space Faerie Doll
17 Space Faerie Token
18 Starry Cybunny
19 Starry Paint Brush
20 Ylana Skyfire
21 Galactic Green Grundo
22 Red Cybunny
23 Attack of the Oranges!
24 Battle JubJub
25 Blue Sticky Hand
26 Cease Fire
27 Commander Gormos
28 Giant Space Fungus