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Recent studies show that now is a time when neopets is introducing a lot of new items when ever neopets creates a new item they must retire an old item, for example red wine used to be a pretty common item now try and find it on the shop wiz. It is hard to find because many people discarded it. After it was retired people sold it for millions.

Now neopets isn’t going to retire an item like fire fire pants on fire that would be a big deal but items like bottle of black sand. So when you think about it the sdumbest items can make you a fortune. But one thing not to do is what many people try to do. Don’t sell it right away take a look at what the current prices are. You have to do this the right way there’s an old saying “milk it for what its worth.” That doesn’t mean keep it in your deposit box for three years. You’ve got to see the prices are the prices going down should I sell it are they going up should I wait?