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There was a completely slanderous and false article released about Neopets in Australia, and also on the news. The reporters did not even check out the site, since they would clearly see that what they were about to write was in error. Another article from Pink Poog Toy points out the errors in the article.

The number of javascript scripts targeting Internet Explorer, several people who are unable to switch browsers have turned off javascript. You cannot access any items (so you can’t feed or play with your pet via items). Only a few games are inaccessible. Those who have disabled javascript should look into visiting the Soup Kitchen, which lets users feed their pets for free if they have under 3,000 Neopoints. Not that it really matters if you can buy items in the main shops, since getting anything of profit is insanely hard. Good item stocking shops can have over 65 people in them trying to buy items at any time, even with the random restocks.

A big thanks to Suzuka (togepi_forever) for keeping us updated!

Neopets Premium includes a dial-up service which is unlimited (if you sign up with Neopets Premium [Web Package With ISP].). The official Neopets Premium website claims their ISP service is:

– Fast and reliable
– Is up to 5x faster than normal dial-up
– Allows up to 5 accounts at Neopets
– Has junk mail, spam and virus filtering
– Has a pop-up blocker
– Gives 2,500 neopoints for signing up and 1,000 neopoints for every month you keep it.

Neopets Premium will provide you with a Portal Pack which allows you to customize to show:

– Neopets news
– Real life news