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There is many ways to be a rich Neopian. I have decided to create a guide to help:

  1. Get a shop! Start at about size 2, it holds 10 items and most newbies start out with lots of sell-able junk that equals up to about 10. Sell Island Merchandise, healing potions, food, and toys when you first start stocking.
  2. A bank account is a big fat MUST. It is nice to have some support when you go broke; I have 70k in the bank and believe me, it comes in handy! Start out with about 200 np in the bank and add to it.
  3. (more…)

Coltzan’s Shrine

Click on the ‘Approach the Shrine’ button at these times to get the item/upgrade that you want.

  • Speed: Every fifth second of the hour.
  • Defense: Every tenth second of the hour.
  • Strength: Every thirty minutes of the hour.
  • Endurance: Every hour of the day.
  • Level: Every even (2:00, 4:00, 6:00) hour of the day.
  • Burnt Food: 11:00-12:00 NST.
  • Dubloons: Every 55 seconds past the minute.
  • 10 Strength Points: Every 30 minutes past the hour.


I love the auctions but it’s NOT a good habit, and if you are easily persuaded to buy things and LOVE competition, you would be a great person to bid at the auctions; but I suggest you don’t get into the habit because it’s bad. I once spent 60,000 neopoints at the auctions IN ONE DAY! (In fact, in only a little less than five hours.) If you do choose to bid at the auctions, you should carefully watch that no one bids on your item. If someone bids on your item at the last-minute (or second) there is nothing you can do.

For Newbies

1. Make an account, and get 200 NP free. Then collect your Newbie Pack and put everything in your Safety Deposit Box.
2. Create a pet and get 150 NP free, but do not go on a pet frenzy because right now you wont be able to afford more than one pet.
3. Start a Bank Account, and deposit some or all NP made.
4. Go to the Soup Kitchen to feed your pet if you have under 3000 NP. Also getting free things like jelly and omelette are good.
5. Start a shop for 150 NP, and when-ever you get a rare item, or something good, look up the name in the Shop Wizard and see if it is worth a good amount of NP, then put it in your shop for a little bit less then what the lowest price was, and it will sell…maybe. This is called Restocking.

So, you’ve just created an account. You’re standing there with a couple hundred neopoints, wondering what do to. First off, create a neopet – any pet will do, they are mostly just for appearance and some special ineffective weapons.

Now, immediately after creating your neopet, go the Neolodge (located in the Neopia Central). Put him in a Cockroach Lodge (with no extras). As odd as it is, he’ll love it.

Now around the site you should see some banners, buttons, saying “get free neopoints when you…”. For now, ALWAYS participate in these offerings. They will increase your daily neopoint income greatly.

Now, take some of those hard-earned neopoints and donate around 150 – 200 neopoints to the money tree. Yes, you’re throwing your money away, but it makes you more “generous”, allowing you better luck in your daily rituals. Along with donating money, you should also donate any useless items you have. This will further increase your luck and fortune.

This is a battledome guide for absolute newbies. In this guide I have included advice on training methods, abilities and equipment in the battledome.


This is an obviously important aspect of being a good battledomer.

There are 5 statistics that you can improve for your pet. These are strength, defence, agility, endurance and level.

First of all, one thing that should be made clear: Agility does NOTHING whatsoever in the battledome. Increasing your pet’s agility is a waste of time and neopoints. Some people like to train it anyway to have nice rounded stats but I personally don’t bother.

Strength is a measure of how much damage your pet does in the battledome.