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Get an extra life

Type “foreverandeverandever” to get an extra life in Neverending Boss Battle. – knd1994123

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Quickly, I’d like to note that unlike many other guides, I’m actually giving you a near fail proof strategy to earn a trophy. You were smart enough to get here. You know the drill. Skip this first part and head straight to the strategy if that’s the kind of thing you do.

Semi-Mandatory Opening

Space, one particular form of frontier. A barren plain of stars, planets, satellites, a bustling neopian market, and lots of empty Achyfi bottles. Okay, so it’s not so barren. But if it was, it would be. Or something.

The trick to racking up tons and tons of points

The trick to racking up tons and tons of points in Neverending Boss Battle is to just stay in the corner where your ship is generated at the start of the game, aim toward Sloth’s ship, and fire away. Don’t move about or go chasing power-ups – they’ll come to you eventually – because that corner is the perfect refuge: your torpedoes hit Sloth’s missiles, destroying them before they get near you; and the fireballs always fall just short of your ship. The only thing to worry about is the occasional bluish star-bomb-thingy, but the first time I tried this I scored over 1600 points before I took a hit from one. So basically start, aim, leave something heavy on the spacebar so you keep firing, and go about your business, checking in every so often to make sure you don’t die, because when you do you’ll have to re-aim. That’s all. Nothin’ to it. – Little Washu