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This is sort of like a guide to Neoquest (I did a survey awhile ago)

Neoquest is an adventure in which can easily be compared to the game boy version of Pokemon or the Zelda games. In this game you never know what is going to happen next, for example in the Dank Cave to my disappointment when I thought I had found Xantan I was no more closer then before. When I finally did beat him I though the game was over and I had won. But I guess it wasn’t that easy.

From the survey I had sent out many people were upset about the times it was open. One person could never play the game because of the times and another hasn’t played in a month. I can only play the game in the morning on weekends and if I got up early enough about 5-15 min. before my bus comes. Though as some said the Neopet Staff has to look after they’re servers but for the race it is unfair since some get to play for hours while others just a couple minutes in the morning. Unless they want to stay up till twelve at night.

He’s a clear loon with a quirky sense of humour. Meet Mr. Insane, an… insane (duh!) staff member at Neopets. The programmer of popular games such as NeoQuest and NeoQuest II, Mr. Insane swears that he’s from outer space and is only living on Earth so he can implement his plan of galactic domination. Who is he really? Nobody knows, but what we do know is that he wants to create a Harry Dean Stanton neopet. To find out more, read on and discover some wickedly insane facts about Mr. Insane.

Sloth or Dark Faerie?

Sloth Clone.

Darigan or Meridell?

I’m a Kass Uni.

Number 6 or Poptart?

One of my favorite games on Neopets is NeoQuest. I haven’t played NeoQuest 2 yet, however. Neoquest is a simple RPG-Adventure system with a grid where you use a compass to determine your direction.

The game is entirely HTML, besides SWF music files, meaning dial up users be wary. You will do a lot of page loading on your adventures, and battles.

The battle system is very simple and effective, allowing you to gain skill points and put them into skills, weapons and armor etc.

The story is meant for those about 16 – 17, not that there are any “bad” words, it’s just that younger children may have trouble figuring out some of the larger and more obscure words.