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I created this guide with the sole purpose of making a list of things that will give you the most NP for your time per day. The things listed are always available. That means the one time NP places aren’t on here. I may add a page on that later.

My account was hacked recently, and I lost 250,000 in NP as well as other special items. Since I fail miserably at both RS’ing and the stock market, I could only play games. I decided to show everyone how I could make a great comeback, so I wrote this.

Some people are better at games than others. This is quite understandable. So for the games that involve knowledge or skill, I have estimated to the nearest round number, the average amount of NP you will get for that game. Also, for the games, the NP amount will come to around that total if you have played every round. (For example: trivia games.)