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Meerca Chase II is, in my opinion, one of the most lucrative games on Neopets. I always play on Hard in the Classic Mode and average 400-450np a game, but it is very easy to get higher scores- with practice! The Maze and Freestyle modes were added to spice things up and to replace the secret levels that the original Meerca Chase enjoyed. Although they are fun and help you work on essential skills, they are too difficult for serious earning.

When you have chosen your mode and difficulty, you can choose your background colour. I personally stick with the grey, both because it was in the original and because it’s easiest on the eyes. Different colours make different Neggs stand out; experiment to see which is best for you.

How to Obtain a Krawk

Kym Huynh —  November 13, 2017 — 2 Comments

Neopoint saving krawk

Firstly you need to buy the Krawk Transmogrification Potion. Feed it to a pet and it’ll turn into a mutant Krawk. Now get a red/blue/green etc paintbrush and paint it. That’s a lot of neopoints you just saved! – Phillip Barbieri

A new game was recently released by Neopets that just might be one of the best neopoint making games around. Even a novice player can usually manage a cool 400 neopoints from this game every sitting. While the pros can make 800+ neopoints a game. This guide is made to try and help you get the highest score possible.

Now to clear something up I am not an expert player at the game but I am an above average player. Now then as a summary the point of the game is to simply get all of your PetPets into a enclosed fence area. Sounds simple enough right? Wrong! Unfortunately Balthazar the Faerie Bounty Hunter has had a tough day and is feeling a bit hungry! What does this mean for you? Balthazar if you get close enough will eat YOU or any PetPet that gets in it’s way. When this happens you lose a life. After three lives your game ends.

Most neopians get frustrated at the thought of getting large amounts of neopoints while enjoying themselves, there are a few simple tips to make sure that one can have the most fun as possible on neopets and still having enough extra cash for emergencies, or just to say you have a large amount of cash, if you’d like.


  • Play sponsor games; they are short, easy, pay more than decently, and some of them are actually really fun.
  • Keep track on your spending when playing chance games. These games are highly addicting, and thought they do sometimes pay out, it’s wise to keep a daily budget for games suitable to your income… for instance, if you earn 5,000 neopoints from action games in one day, put 4,000 in the bank and use the other thousand for wheels, dice and cards – when you run out DO NOT withdraw from the bank, ignore the itch until tomorrow.
  • (more…)

Every once in a while, a person may decide they either want to transfer a pet. Either to give to a friend or to send to an extra account, the risks of actually losing your neopet is very high. For instance, once I tried to transfer a Tonu to my spare account. I had a friend already lined up to click accept. There was a one second delay in the abandoning in the pound and the final pickup, however in that second, someone else had jumped in and taken it. I of course neomailed that person and asked if I cold get my pet back but the person ignored me. If you do plan to risk losing your pet, hopefully this article will help minimize the risk. Remember however that Neopets cannot help you out if you do in the event, lose your pet.