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The secrets of Neopia have always been in abundance, especially the ones which provide neither clue nor relation to the site itself, so I took the incredibly enjoyable duty of recording all of the header comments from the Neopian Times for you to enjoy. Who knows? Maybe they contain the key to get through the locked door in Neoquest I? Or maybe how to get Fyora to be a wee bit more generous with her sales in the Hidden Tower? Or maybe I’m making random suggestions? Or Maybe I should just list them?

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Neopian Riches – No Game Talents Required
Written By xchylerjfk

I’ve been on Neopets for about two months, and recently decided that earning NP from games is too much of a hassle for me. So, I’m trying to get rich on profits. It’s really worked. In the past two days I’ve made over 20,000 NP, so here are a few easy peasy steps to building a fortune:

The first thing you should do at the start of EVERY day, is to collect as many freebies as you can. It’s effortless, consumes little time, and gets you at least 5/6k and some improvements to your pet:

An unsuspecting Neopian walks to their computer and sits down. They boot it up, and log on to the internet. The url is put in : The login button is pressed. They type in their user name and password, but it says : This password/username is invalid. Have you forgotten your password? Click here! “No!” They say. “This is my password! I was just here yesterday!”

Does any of this sound familiar? If it does, listen up. You don’t have to sit around and wait for it to happen, or just give up if it already has. YOU can do something about it. Here are some simple steps to follow:

I read an article called “The Poor For a Week Project” in the neopian times a few months ago, so I tried it, and it made me 25,000 NP richer! Okay, here’s how it goes:

You rid of all of the neopoints in your wallet to your bank account, then the fun begins. Play games that you are a grand master or expert at to gain as much NP as you can, every day. Then put your pet in the neolodge for seven days, this should keep it fed all week. The process of this is to try NOT to deposit money into your National Neopian bank account, still collect your interest every day so you will have more neopoints to save for later on.

KroniKK666 sits down with you and begins to talk, “AbiahCodestone sure has been acting awfully funny lately. Ever since she learned the black arts of Life Drain all she eats are gross foods that have bugs in them, as well as her being more and more conceited and vain with each passing day, and even more-so cruel and mean. Her entire eyes as well as her eye sockets, have turned blacker than the blackest of souls. Once she loved to hang at Coltzan’s Shrine with all of her friends, now, she hangs around the battledomes, draining victim after victim of their life seemingly non-stop. And when she is hurt, its best to watch out, cuz that is when she kicks her life draining into over-drive, so much so that she has all the frequent battlers shivering when she appears on the scene. It has even caused some to stop battling, which is everybody’s best bet. One day me and Sour_Puss_28304 and 238472961 sat down with her to have a crisis intervention about the way she was starting to act and her new changes. Well she just flew off the handle and instead of draining the life out of us, she sucked the cuteness out of us, disfiguring us and turning us into freakish mutants. I WAS a Christmas Nimmo… but now I am a Mutant Moehog who has no energy to do anything including fight back. 238472961 WAS a cute little red Acara, now, she is a Mutant Techo. At least Sour_Puss_28304 got to keep his species but he became a Mutant as well, a Mutant Chia. I am scared though, for with the physical changes of 238472961 and Sour_Puss_28304 came the mental changes as well for they both seem to enjoy their new freakish bodies and have even sided with AbiahCodestone and joined her on her crusade of chaos and terror and destruction.”