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I believe that it is safe to say that every Neopian with the amount of brain power greater than that generated by a potato has marveled at the immense size of another Neopian’s shop at least once in their time playing this game. “How awesome it must be to have a shop like that,” some think, while others ponder the reason and usefulness of this outrageously large shop, and begin to ask themselves “What in the world are they ever going to do with all of that shop space?”

Some Neopians think that upgrading your shop higher than level 5 is a complete and utter waste of time. Little do you know, though, that with the correct combination of competitive pricing, eye-catching advertising, and variety of items, the owner of a Neopian Mall can easily make upwards of 500,000 NP in one single day. To some of you that may be an outlandishly large amount of NP, and to others it may be chump change, but all-in-all, investing in a Neopian Mall has the potential of being one of the most profitable decisions you will ever make in your Neopian career. “How might one go about creating a successful Neopian Mall?” one might ask. Well, that’s what I’m here for.