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First off is Neopia Central. This is your starting point. Make sure you obtain a pet, because you really cannot go much of anywhere without one. Neopia Central has your inventory, your safety deposit box, the bank, and some stores. It contains the hospital should your pet get sick and the auction house.

There are some shops/stores/huts for sponsors as well. Currently there is Thinkway Toys™ who produces the Neopets talking toys, Wizards of the Coast

You’ve been strolling around the clouds of Faerieland for just about the entire morning, and you finally figure that the Tooth Faerie probably didn’t notice the gap in your teeth, even though you’re holding up a sign pointing to you saying that you lost your teeth just recently.

On your way back to Neopia Central, you try to remember why you got up so early. Oh yes, because you wanted the spare neopoints that the Tooth Faerie would give you in exchange for a tooth. But you don’t really care too much anymore. It was just going to be a couple hundred neopoints anyway…

The series of articles I am planning to write are similar to the show on MTV, but its me who is going to become the topic of the week.

This past week, I have tried to create a guild of my own, which was run under the username liv4damusic, where I and a couple people I found in chat rooms created a guild that teaches specific classes that help with travels throughout Neopia. The guild was called University of Neopia Central or UNC for short.

Day 1: I went into the guild chat room and tried to advertise my guild and the great idea of teaching classes. After advertising for an hour, I decided to work on the guild layout so its appealing to the eyes. At the end of the day I ended up creating 4 custom signatures for the 4 council members, as well as a new logo and a new banner.