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Give Away Times

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All times are in Neopian Standard Time.

Balthazar’s Mega Faerie Giveaway Bonanza – 7 AM (NST)
The Health Frog Giveaway – 7 AM (NST) Daily
Muntando Fruit – Around 10:45 (NST), Monday – AM or PM
Chocolate Giveaway – 5:50 PM (NST) on Sunday

Give away’s take place at the Neopian Money Tree but you have to be quick.

Pretty up your Neopets account by using our pre-made Banners. All you need to do is click on the link below and copy + paste it into your edit screen.

Dr. Death Plushie my Pets Are up For Transfer Banner

Neopets Fans

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Welcome to the fandom section of PPT. This area contains anything and everything to do with content created by Neopians and can relate to off-the-wall to fan fiction to created artworks. If you have something which you wish to contribute to this section, please email Kym at and we’ll add it up if it is appropriate.

Article Competition
Male Faerie Concept Art
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Neopets Songs
Neopets Stories
Neopets Unimaginable
Voice of the Neopians

That’s right asparagus! I LOVE ASPARAGUS, it’s one of my favorite categories on Neopets. I mean, just look at all the foods, weapons, and references to it there are on Neopets! It’s great! There’s over 20 food items that have asparagus as an ingredient, most likely more than 30, but I’ll stick with 20! Four battledome items that I count, which I just love! And other miscellaneous items that all refer to asparagus! It’s just great! Lets take a deeper look.

Ok, food. I love neopian food, it’s great, most of it being VERY creative! But the asparagus stuff goes above and beyond in my opinion! Look at the Strawberry Blend Slushie, the description states “A delicious mix of asparagus and strawberry. Healthy, full of vitamins – a killer combination!” Yum right? Okay so maybe it wouldn’t be so yummy but I think it sounds awesome. Now personally I like asparagus in real life so when I say something sounds yummy I mean it, unless I say it doesn’t, no sarcasm there! Honestly the Asparagus and Yoghurt Pizza I wouldn’t touch in a million years, green veggies just don’t belong on pizza! But you have to admit it’s creative! Asparagus and Butter Hotdog, “Hot buttered asparagus in a cheese flavored hot dog bun.” Now that I just might would have to try someday, minus the cheese bun thing. It’s kind of funny because the description suggest that there’s no dog in there, yet the picture clearly shows one… Strange, but if I were to try it I would put in a dog just like the picture shows! Cheesy Asparagus, now this I have had, it’s so good! Now this next one, I’d love to sample, Spinach and Asparagus Pasty, sounds really good! I also think it would be interesting to try an Asparagus Candy Cane! Okay by now you prolly think I’m incredible weird because I like asparagus as a food. Have you actually tried it? If not do. Now if your mother made it and she doesn’t have the best track record in cooking, I take no responsibility for how you think it tastes. It has to be done right, good temperature, right amount of seasonings or sauce. So you go at your own risk!

Take a look at these screen shots for Neopets premium below.

A screenshot of the portal

Another screenshot of the portal

The Super Shop Wizard

The Super Shop Wizard in the portal

A screenshot of the portal