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This section contains information on anything Neopets in the world we live and breathe in (the real world) from event coverage to rumors of a Neopets-related movie to photos of Neopets Headquarters itself. If you have something which you wish to contribute to this section, please email Kym at and we’ll add it up if it is appropriate.

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The ever-extortionate Neopets: The Official Magazine (Not to be confused with all those other non-official Neopets magazines out there) is here, and boy, does it cost a lot of money! As it was once said in a press conference held by the Secretary of Office of Position, (and I quote), “There is possibly no better way to revive the foundering economy than to find something that people are going to spend a lot of money on, and then charge a lot of money for it.” Yes indeed, those words are just as true today as they were a few minutes ago when I made that quote up, and it’s clear from looking at the latest

You sit yourself comfortably in the computer chair, humming to yourself a happy tune. Todays the day when you have the computer all to yourself! You type in the address of the website and you get to see the homepage. New event! Somebody has just neomailed you. You move your cursor and click to read the whole message. Woah! Neopets is down! You refresh and refresh so many times that you go beserk, but youre still stuck at that hated page.

How long do I wait when something disastrous like this happens?

It depends. Look at the page and check. Is it the one that says you have to wait for (?) minutes/hours? Or is it the one that says Neopets Is Temporarily Unavailable? If its the first one, then wait for that time limit. If its the second one, lets try 30 minutes then. You can lengthen the time if you want, because theres no guarantee that Neopets can work within 30 minutes.

Eyrie Pet Lookup

bubbly-chaz —  September 29, 2017 — 1 Comment

Eyrie Pet Lookup Layout
Pretty up your Neopets Pet Lookup using our pre-made Pet Lookup Layout. All you need to do is click on the link below and copy + paste it into your edit screen.

Eyrie Pet Lookup Layout

I was reading the interesting facts page on pink poogle, and it was dagavoo (or however ya spell that stupid word) all over again. when I was a newbie, long, long ago… well, it was long long ago. I think about yesterday… or three years. *ahem* in some ways, neopets was cooler then. kinda. more games and gadgets now, but I still miss the good ol days. you know how all the chat rooms [message boards] a broken into pieces? well in my prime, they were all one. and Donna was there. she was from the neopets team, but she was one of us. she’d talk to us on the board. someone’d cry cause the pant devil took there money and we’d all comfort her. and we’d pester Donna with our useless ideas like making neopets look more scary or pretty. and we’d annoy with the same question, over and over: “what are that expensive cloths and grooming junk for?” and she’d say:”we’re working on a use for them right now.” it sure is taking them a long time. and Bruce [yes, the neopet] was some guy in a tux and there wash! oh! but the idea we’d pester Donna most about was the battle dome. oooo…ah. I had that thing planned out forward and backward. unfortunately, so did everyone else, in their own special way. Donna became very confused. the funny thing is, I’ve done the battle dome once, decided I really didn’t like hurting my precious baby, and haven’t played since.