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Bottled Faeries: An introduction

Every citizen of Neopia knows about the elusive Bottled Faeries and their opportunities. Bottled faeries can greatly benefit both your pets and your bank account, shopkeepers and tradesmen alike owe their entire fortune to these critters in a jar, but what do we really know about this industry?

This aspiring Neopian Times reporter dug deep to bring you the dirt, the terrifying secrets and scandals surrounding the lucrative business that is Faerie Poaching. After years of aggravating and often dangerous research, we now present you with the complete story behind one of Neopias darkest trades.

I huffed and puffed as I whizzed through the air at what felt like 100 miles per hour. I was so proud! You see, I was flying for the first time.

Maybe I should start at the beginning!

Well, first of all, I am Skamma_Shoyru, the yellow Shoyru. I don’t have an owner, but I stay at the Neopian Pound waiting to get adopted. I couldn’t fly like most Shoyrus could. I am not sure why, but it might have something to do with the fact that my mother died when I was born, and I was raised at the adoption home, so I wasn’t taught to fly when I was young. One of the girls who volunteers at the adoption home, Picksisticks, made me her personal project to teach me to fly better than any Shoyru has ever flown!

You’ve been strolling around the clouds of Faerieland for just about the entire morning, and you finally figure that the Tooth Faerie probably didn’t notice the gap in your teeth, even though you’re holding up a sign pointing to you saying that you lost your teeth just recently.

On your way back to Neopia Central, you try to remember why you got up so early. Oh yes, because you wanted the spare neopoints that the Tooth Faerie would give you in exchange for a tooth. But you don’t really care too much anymore. It was just going to be a couple hundred neopoints anyway…