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Friday, January 31st, 2003
Saturday, January 25th, 2003

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Section 1: The Obvious (Password) Scams
  • Section 2: The Not Quite as Obvious Scams
  • Section 3: Indirect Scams
  • Section 4: Quickies
  • Conclusion


Neopets advises you to NEVER give out your password. While this holds true, there are also several other ways to get scammed that do NOT involve handing out your password.

A “Scam” is defined as a “fraudulent business scheme”. So in other words, a scam is just someone trying to take advantage of you. This guide is designed to help you hold your hard-earned neopoints, and not give them to some slimy Joe’s who’ll deceive and trick for an extra buck.

1. Giving Away 1 Million Neopoints and a Baby Paintbrush

If this person has been on Neopets for a short time they have either cheated to get that amount of money or lying. If they have been on Neopets for a long time they should know the rules and it is not likely someone who has been on Neopets so long would jeopardize their account by saying something so stupid. For anyone on Neopets to give you neopoints or items they do not need your password.

They can give an item by clicking on the item in their inventory and choosing ‘give to neofriend’ and type in your user name; you don’t even have to be neofriends with them. Also they can put it in a trade for you and you can offer a junk item (worth 1np) or vise versa to get the item or neopoints they are saying they want to give you.


Trading Post Scams are one of the emerging scam trends in Neopets. While Neopets is riddled with fake login pages, scammers who lurk around the dank undergrounds of the Chat Boards, a few users soon discovered an alarming new scam. Now becoming more common than the original login pages and I-have-a-neopoints-generator-but-I-will-need-your-username-and-password, the Trading Post has become a place of mystery, intrigue and suspicion, where users never feel safe. Curse those buggers! you say. Of course, with a little careful analytical skills and careful gut instinct, you can blast those trading post scams back to Hawaii with a Vodka Martini and umbrella inside, shaken not stirred of course. Mystique_ brings you the 911 on all the newest scams in relation in the Trading Post this month in PPT’s Featured!

Just wanted to share my story so other folks won’t be fooled. I’d like to think of myself as pretty smart, heck, I do have a college degree, but that didn’t mean diddly-squat when I fell into this scammer’s trap. And trap it was.

I’m minding my own business using the Shop Wiz to find me a relatively inexpensive orn codestone. I was hoping to find one under 3,000 NP. Guess what, I did, 2300 NP, I’ll take it! I clicked on the username and it took me to their shop. Well, their shop has lots of codestones, but not for 2300, but for 500 NP!! What a dope, I’m thinking, so I quickly click on a codestone before someone else discovers these treasures. Well, instead of getting a little box asking me if I’m sure I want to pay 500 NP, I suddenly get pop-ups popping up all over the place which distracts me. When I get rid of the boxes, I have a new screen. It’s the official Neopets sign-in page, so I’m thinking I got kicked out of the system, and I’m also thinking I got to hurry and get those cheap codestones. WRONG. Turns out what looked identical to the sign-in page of Neopets wasn’t really authentic. (Not that anyone could tell) I discover all this the next day when I go to get on Neopets and my account is frozen. As soon as I signed in that screen disappeared. I have no way to remember who it was.