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In today’s episode we continue our discussion on Neostudios and what it means for us players. We also consider the NC Mall and Koko’s shocking decision in leaving Neopets and the new announcement that Neopets-related books will be hitting bookstores soon; just another example of Neopets transition into real life. Hosted by Kym, Dave, Koko and Dylan, this episode is full of hilarity and poignant discussion on what it means to be a Neopian. Stay tuned for a free preview of “Where Did My Chia Go” by “The Pink Poogle Toys”.


Tune into this week’s “After the Show” to see what the hosts really thought about this episode and the topics that were discussed in it … including Jonny’s covert operation.


Episode 27 of The PPT Show brings together Evan, Kym, Dave, Siobhan, Jonny and new host Robin in an episode about the Neopian auctions, the concept of Neopets name stalking, how often name freeing occurs and why or why it happens. They also consider whether the Neoboards have gone too far and tips on how to make a successful Neopets guild. The show finishes with the hosts exploring the world of Neopia’s faerie quests so hold onto your horses and prepare to laugh out loud as the hosts lose the plot … officially!


In this episode of The PPT Show, Kym, Lee and Laura highlight the new Neopets game Hot Dog Hero and give their best shot at becoming professional Hot Dog Hero players, and discuss the upcoming Neopets plot – “The Return of Dr. Sloth”. (Be mindful that this episode was recorded a few days before the plot was released.) They also give an update on the Neopets game Advert Attack and discuss the new Neopets Customization Mall items.

Kym has a go at Hot Dog Hero.

Kym goes a bit mental with Hot Dog Hero.

Kym draws what he thinks Flovering Fitzgerald looks like.

Kym proudly shows off the candy he is eating whilst recording the show.