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In this edition of The PPT Show we start off with general chat, discuss Neopets’ random theme days, the broken money tree, the most shocking news of all … the annoucement that the Neopets magazine has been cancelled! Join Dave Moyer as he hosts with Helena McCoy, Laura and Lee in this exciting edition of The PPT Show.


XweetokHosted by Dave, Kelly, Jonathon and Kym, this welcome back edition of the PPT Show talks about all the drastic changes that have occurred on Neopets over the past few months including Neopets TV, the increase in banner advertising, Neopets’ plots, the plot prizes, the second round of the Altador Cup, the new daily puzzle, Neopets Cash and the customisation of your neopet.


In this episode of The PPT Show, Kym, Lee and Laura highlight the new Neopets game Hot Dog Hero and give their best shot at becoming professional Hot Dog Hero players, and discuss the upcoming Neopets plot – “The Return of Dr. Sloth”. (Be mindful that this episode was recorded a few days before the plot was released.) They also give an update on the Neopets game Advert Attack and discuss the new Neopets Customization Mall items.

Kym has a go at Hot Dog Hero.

Kym goes a bit mental with Hot Dog Hero.

Kym draws what he thinks Flovering Fitzgerald looks like.

Kym proudly shows off the candy he is eating whilst recording the show.