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Diva StarzIn the Diva Stars game, you can play as one of two people: Alexis or Nikki.

I have realized that the items you have to acquire are the same each time you play. I always play as Alexis, noticing that she always wants the “girly-girl” items as opposed to sports items. Instead of always glancing at the bottom of the screen, just remember that she wants those “girly-girl” items: Mirrors, lipstick, purses…those also seem to stick out more on the screen, for some reason!

Next: I know how to go faster. This works for two reasons: 1, you simply speed up (this works in other games, too, including Ice Cream Factory and Pterattack!) 2. You are going diagonally, and, therefore, you arrive at your destination more quickly. To speed up, simply hold down two directional arrow keys at once. For example, hold down the up arrow with the right or left arrow. This works with the down arrow, as well. It helps to hold down one of those arrows, whichever is appropriate, and then simply switch pressing the left and right arrow keys.

Time Tunnel screen shot

It is said that beyond these doors lies a great treasure. So you want the treasure? Ah, I see. Well, you will have to put a lot of work into it then. Okay, so not that much work, but, anyways.

To open this fabulous, pretty door that stands before you, you have to crack a bunch of codes. It’s tough now to find a good guide for this game. So, here’s how you can get an oh-so-awesome score.

First off, you should know what the symbols mean. This is IMPORTANT! If you have a green circle, it means you have a completely correct stone. if you have an orange, it means you have a correct stone in the wrong spot. A white means completely incorrect. *THE CIRCLES ARE NOT IN ORDER!* You have to figure out where the circle fits.

This game is fairly simple and I almost always get 3,000 neopoints a day from it. It only took me a couple of games to get used to it, and then I was getting 1,000 neopoints a game!

Basic Tips

  1. Always play on hard. The only difference is the wind speed, which I hardly notice.
  2. Always be VERY careful when your Hasee lands! You will feel very bad if you lose a precious life because you were a fraction off.
  3. It takes 667 points to get 1,000 neopoints (on Hard), so if you are just playing for the neopoints, you can stop there. (I usually stop in the second section.)
  4. (more…)