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There is many ways to be a rich Neopian. I have decided to create a guide to help:

  1. Get a shop! Start at about size 2, it holds 10 items and most newbies start out with lots of sell-able junk that equals up to about 10. Sell Island Merchandise, healing potions, food, and toys when you first start stocking.
  2. A bank account is a big fat MUST. It is nice to have some support when you go broke; I have 70k in the bank and believe me, it comes in handy! Start out with about 200 np in the bank and add to it.
  3. (more…)

The main aim of this game is to ALWAYS be alert. It’s fine if you want to just go for the 1,000 neopoints.

Level 1

Just slash your enemies. Simple enough right?

Level 2

Cannonballs are now available. This is good practice for later on. ALWAYS have a cannonball in hand, that’s important. Firstly, if you throw a cannonball at your opponent, you get twice the points. Same goes for the water bucket, however, the cannonball has more uses and it’s better to have a cannonball in your hand.

Level 3

Hurray, the cannons are finally here. The moment you click “Start, LOAD EM UP, because if you don’t constantly load them up, they’ll burn when Jacques the Kyrii comes down to light ’em, which means you’ll have to use the water bucket to put it out. This may seem fine at first, but in later levels, when everything goes FAST, you don’t want to waste any time, because using the bucket uses a lot of time, so that’s why I said to keep a cannonball in hand. So you can either load the cannons or kill the enemies.

Here are the levels in order

  • Level 1 Strawberry
  • Level 2 Vanilla
  • Level 3 Chocolate
  • Level 4 Mint
  • Level 5 Blueberry
  • Level 6 Vanilla Chocolate Chip
  • Level 7 Strawberry Chocolate Vanilla
  • Level 8 Peach
  • Level 9 Vanilla Chocolate Swirl
  • Level 10 Double Chocolate
  • Level 11 Tigersquash
  • Level 12 Rainbowberry
  • Level 13 Garlicy Bratwurst

Good scoops

  • Small purple Chia (makes you smaller)
  • Shield (stops you from getting hit for 5 sec.)
  • Red (makes level go slower)
  • Green (increases game speed, good if the game is slow)
  • Cherry on yellow (plus 100 points and turns game back to normal speed and normal size)
  • Fish head (plus 250 points and urns game back to normal speed and normal size)
  • Pink heart (extra life)

Bad scoops

Cheat! Guide by jdelconte

Kym Huynh —  December 5, 2016 — 1 Comment


There are several strategies that you can use in order to win this game. I use these every time I play, and so far I have NEVER lost. Following these simple rules almost guarantees that you will get that 1st place trophy.

  1. This is the most important – NEVER cheat, unless you have to. In the first 2 rounds or so you may not get caught, but in the later rounds, you will get caught most of the time.
  2. Put down the cards that you only have one of first. This leaves you with more pairs, triples, and so on, which makes it easier to tell who is cheating.
  3. (more…)

Ugga Smash Guide by Dynomiite

Gaby —  September 1, 2016 — Leave a comment

The first thing you have to remember about Ugga Smash is that you get points based on how many times you hit your opponents. Each time you hit an opponent, you get five points (neopoints too!).

Try to always sneak up behind your opponent and hit them from the back. This way, you do not lose any health either.

Each level gets progressively harder, and the red Grarrl shows up more and more each level.

Usually, the Grarrl does not show up until the first or second level. I find it easier to just stay away from the Grarrl, and let the other opponents fight to push each other into the Grarrl.