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Evan, Kym, Daveand Drake return as veteran hosts to bring you episode 31 of The PPT Show. Pointing their minds to poignant questions such as whether or not Neopets support obesity, the unlikely quadruple threat explore unchartered territory in the first interstate podcast episode. Topics covered in this episode include the NC spotlight, Adam Powell and Donna William’s signing of the PPT collage, the new Neopets merchandise coming soon, Neopets new drive to release a lot of games, PPT 2.0, and Neopets plots.


Bag of neopointsMy way to get NP is to forget all the things you usually do, just forget it. Place all your NP in the bank and leave it there.

Everyday spend about 3 hours or more, depending on how much game time you have, and play games (Games that are easy and pay out a lot; Swarm, Destruct-o-Match, Bumper Cars, Chia Bomber, Pterattack, and Cheat. Cheat, Pterattack, and swarm are really easy and get tons of NP, bout 1,000 or more each time you play, except with Cheat, cheat you get a lot of money depending on what level you are on).

Always take the time to play these games then go on to other games you like and have a good payout. Always remember to collect interest in the bank everyday before placing your NP into it.

Dave takes the helm today with Lee, Ella, Helena and Jonny to bring you an exciting fun-filled episode. Episode #38 brings together this dynamic five-team host to talk about whatever they want, everything brand new on Neopets including the new Games Master Challenge released on Neopets over Thanksgiving (how very exciting), the new Neopets 3D game “The Last Blast”, and the Shop Wizard revamp so tune in, relax and listen to the fun and merriment.




I created this guide with the sole purpose of making a list of things that will give you the most NP for your time per day. The things listed are always available. That means the one time NP places aren’t on here. I may add a page on that later.

My account was hacked recently, and I lost 250,000 in NP as well as other special items. Since I fail miserably at both RS’ing and the stock market, I could only play games. I decided to show everyone how I could make a great comeback, so I wrote this.

Some people are better at games than others. This is quite understandable. So for the games that involve knowledge or skill, I have estimated to the nearest round number, the average amount of NP you will get for that game. Also, for the games, the NP amount will come to around that total if you have played every round. (For example: trivia games.)

As we all have heard, America’s middle class is disappearing!!! Who cares? We’ll fix it. The thing that has been on my mind lately: Neopets’s middle class is literally gone! Either items are unbuyable (only people who have the Number Six avatar are able to buy them), they are expensive, or they are just plain crap. Now, as someone who truly cares about the many Neopians around, I feel I should lend a hand to all of you who need help making neopoints. So, here is my list on how to become rich. I call it, “Ten Tips for Making Neopoints”.

Play the sponsor games!!! Now, this may seem silly, maybe ridiculous to some of you, but by playing the sponsor games I make over 10,000 neopoints a day. You don’t have to be good at them. Most are quiz or trivia games to which certain petpages or sites have listed the answers. It can’t get any easier, people! So, now when you see those ‘10,000 Neopoints a Day’ guides or boards, you can just laugh and say, “I already have it. It doesn’t take long at all.”