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The Background Story

The first time I got my neopets account frozen, mradamface, I was furious. After all, this was 6 months of hard work down the drain. 6 million neopoints, a pet with an idb rating of over 600, millions of neopoints in weapons: all gone with nothing to show for it; all because I was working off the same ip address as my scamming brother. When it became clear that I was not getting this account back, I just decided that I might as well start anew. Id heard that life on neopets was better the second time: you didnt have to deal with the initial frustration; you could avoid all the newbie mistakes with this account etc. etc. At first, all these predictions were right. I was having fun, my pet was training hard, I had made over 4 million neopoints in my first month on neo. In short, everything was great. Thats when the other shoe dropped. Apparently neo decided that I was doing too well to be a newbie. I could just imagine scenes in my head of Adam and Donna looking at a computer monitor at my account seeing lots of neopoints and a half-decent pet and cackling maniacally just before hitting a giant red button clearly marked freeze. If you can imagine how mad I was the first time I got my account frozen, I was about 10X as unhappy the second time. It seemed sort of pointless, I couldnt play the game to the best of my ability without being labeled a cheater despite the fact that neopets could clearly see from their records that I had built my fortune through hundreds of small, legitimate transactions in my shop over several weeks. I was mad, I was abused, and I was not going to deal with neopets e-mail support any longer. I decided it was time for a road trip. After conferring with some people here on the PPT boards, I was all set to go down and give TNT a piece of my mind. It was smurf-kicking time.

Everyone knew this was going to happen, and it did! Coming to the Play Station console comes an RPG styled Neopets game from The Code Monkeys, Ltd. The unveiling of the information came as a sudden wave, taking many by surprise, and to think that Neopets was able to keep the entire production under wraps? They ought to be commended! A sampling of the game should be available to the public at the Electronic Entertainment Expo for 2003. The following information was taken from

Title – NEOPETS The Darkest Faerie
Publisher – SCEA
Developer – The Code Monkeys, Ltd.

Directed by: Douglas Carrigan
Writing credits: Scott Campbell
Produced by: Jeff Jirsa
Sound Department: Jaimie Siedow
Animator: Eli Enigenburg
Production Companies: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Genre: Adventure
Cast: Piera Coppola (The Darkest Faerie), Adrienne Wilkinson (the voice of Malice)

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie PS2 Production Information

In-Fusios Neopets game allows Neopets players to take their online pets for a walk literally. Synchronized with online Neopets, players will be able to alternate seamlessly between playing at the computer and on their mobile phone.

The mobile phone version of Neopets will offer exclusive content not available to the online game including a new Neopet and an island. They are both called Lutari.

In-Fusios version is allegedly very similar to the online version so people who are no strangers to the online game will have no trouble picking up the function of the In-Fusio Neopets game.

This game will be available around September or October 2005.