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Swarm Tips

Shoyru_Lover —  July 18, 2018 — Leave a comment

Swarm screen shot

Bad Powerups by Joan

Swarm is a relatively easy game. It takes a little while, but you can earn a lot of neopoints! A hint is to never get the bright green or yellow things. You know when you shoot a certain bug, the big enhances come out? Well just don’t get the bright green or yellow ones because they will slow your tank down making it harder to win!

Swarm is an Easy 3,000 Neopoints a Day by yoyomybro852

Swarm is an easy 3,000 neopoints a day.

Start and go to the far right hand corner so you can shoot the little blue bug across the top and get an extra 50 points. Also if you lose a life, you lose your special ability that you got from shooting a colored bug. However this does NOT happen when you get an orange one.

Bilge Dice Tips

Shoyru_Lover —  March 26, 2017 — 1 Comment

Bilge Dice screen shot

Some Handy Pointers by Soliosan

  1. Most importantly, on the first roll, always try to get the 1 and the 4 necessary to win.
  2. On the first roll if you were able to get at least one of the rolls needed (1 or 4), also keep over a 6 if you have one. For example, if you have on first roll 1 3, 3, 6, 6, 6 you might be tempted to take all of the 6’s and the 1. Don’t do that or you won’t have much chance of getting the other 4 needed and it won’t matter how many 6’s you have. Take maybe at most 2 6’s and the 1. Re-roll, and hopefully you get the 4 you need.
  3. (more…)

Test Your Strength Tips

Shoyru_Lover —  March 29, 2015 — 1 Comment

Hold down the red button by Smartlet55555

When you are playing Test Your Strength, click and hold on the red button. Don’t release for a little while. I found that sometimes this help you get better prizes.

Defender Trainer Tips

Shoyru_Lover —  March 13, 2014 — 2 Comments

Some Tips by Jezza_rox4eva34125

  • Step#1: Always stay in the middle.
  • Step#2: If you have trouble with the veggies here they are: Tigersquash, Marrow, Nova, Faerie, Usuki, Ummagine, Sniddberry, Cornupepper, Negg, Bomberry, Sardplant, Turnip, Purplum, Chokato, Juppie, Zeenana, Bagguss, Loveberry, Starberry, Asparagus and Wartroot.

The Targets Will Always Move One to the Right by cjsgirl777

When you get the “moving targets” message, the targets will always move one space to the right. If the target is as far right as it can go in the row, it moves down one row, and all the way to the left. Finally, the target on the far right in the very bottom row will move to the very top row, all the way to the left. This way you’ll always know where the correct target is going to move!

Splat-A-Sloth Tips

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Freeze the game by OM

When you click on the title bar at the top of the window on Internet Explorer 6.0, it freezes everything inside because it thinks the window is being dragged. So all you have to do is keep clicking on the title bar every second until you see the Sloth pop out (it will be frozen while you hold down the mouse). Then hit space as you remove your finger off the mouse!

Remember that you must hold your finger down for a split second in order for IE to think it’s being dragged! You can see that its working when the blinking icon in the top right corner (which says Splat-A-Sloth) stops blinking! Just go at your own pace, and eventually the sloth will come out… TO HIS DOOM!