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Escape to Kreludor screen shot

I have not gotten very far. But, hopefully these tips can help the people who are struggling with the game. First let me explain a bit about your weapons. You fire 2 torpedoes from the sides of your ship in a straight line for 3 spaces. They travel through asteroids and space debris (what is left after a drone dies) and as far as I know, all enemies take 1 torpedo before dying (except comets, they are invincible).

Second are the little gem things. There is one on every level (If there is not one on really high levels, please, let me know) and some are more valuable than others.

The Isle of Sweet Tarts is an illusive site that is no longer advertised on Neopets. You can get to it by going to There you will see a page that has four types of sweet tarts. Your quest, as it were, is to collect the four tarts to get to the grand “Isle of Sweet Tarts” (much like a totem for you old style gamers). You must select “begin quest” for this to work.

You can try to figure out the clues on your own (if you refresh the page a few times you will get hints about the mystery locals) or you can go to where I have consistently found the items:

Advert Attack is a relatively easy game as is getting the avatar, for which you can easily send in a score of 700+.

All you have to do is race Ace Zafara as fast as possible form the left side of the screen to the right side by clicking on the Go-Buttons that appear in a frame in the lower half of the window, thereby beating the opponent Race Robo. You have 50 seconds per level to achieve this.

For each level finished you gain 50 points plus the remaining seconds as bonus, so the faster you are, the more points you get. With ten levels this makes a theoretical total of 1,000 points, however as nobody can race Ace Zafara from one side of the screen to the other in less than a second, your score in reality will normally be somewhere between 600 (if you had a not so good game) and 800 (or even more with time, practice and luck).

The first step is to start one. This is really easy, all that you have to do is click play on the Habitarium link and follow the professor’s instructions.

It doesn’t matter which habitat you choose; just pick one. After he’s given you the basics start buying and building immediately.

Since at the beginning you start off with a bunch of resources start stocking up on cornmeal and apple which will take care of your pets’ hunger and tiredness. Also buy a storage unit, house, and at least one nest.

Make sure to attack the pests which will give you more XP to level up. As you get enough resources, make sure to buy three nests: one for each breed of P3s. Always have nesters to put in each nest. For example: Pinchit in one, Mootix in another, and Larnikin in the last one.

Here’s a somewhat different guide for Carnival of Terror or it might be considered a cheat for those of you who have trouble aiming in this game.

It’s pretty well known that if you dissect each clown you get more points (hitting umbrella, head, nose, feet, body, etc.) This can be done by using your tab and enter keys. Once you start the game hit tab then hit enter. By hitting tab, you’ll get a yellow box around one of the body parts on one of the clowns. Keep doing this and rack up lots of points. When you use this method, you won’t use up any of your ammo, so you can be pretty quick about it. If you’re quick enough, you can hit all of the pies that get thrown at you.