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The Lab Ray Explained

Kym Huynh —  November 20, 2017 — Leave a comment

What is the Lab Ray?

The Lab Ray is a machine invented by a mad scientist. Upon using it, your chosen neopet is experimented on which results in unforeseen circumstances.

Where is the Lab Ray?

The Lab Ray can only be accessed through completing of the ‘Secret Laboratory Map’. Once you have collected all nine pieces, simply head over to the games room, choose the puzzles group, and then scroll down to the last game option and choose ‘Treasure Map’. Once there, click on the laboratory link and it should take you to a page which states that you have completed the map. You are now able to proceed to the secret lab.

1) Do you want to beat Punchbag Bob in 5 minutes or even LESS?!?! (Hey, this normally could cost you tons of hours!) Heres the steps to doing so:
1. Get 2 scarab rings if you dont already have them. (Dont look for it in the search box; it wont come up – go to the Shop Wizard; thats what I did.)
2. Equip your neopet with them.
3. Go to the battledome and click on the One-Player tab.
4. Select your neopet and click on Punchbag Bob.
5. The battle automatically begins, so click on only your 2 scarab rings, and then Fierce Attack. (Dont click go yet.)

Should a player decide to transfer their neopet, whether to another account or to a friend, using the pound to send neopets has become a common practice. There are dangers of course, but hopefully the method shown below will make the process as quick and as efficient as possible.

This method will require two people. One person will need to be logged into the account with the neopet that they want to be transferred. The other person needs to be logged into the second account, which they want to receive the pet. If your person helping you is accessing one of your accounts, make sure this is a person you can trust and not some random person off the NeoBoards, who once in your account, will run off with anything valuable quicker than you can exclaim, “what the?!?”

Many Neopians claim that they do everything for their pets– playing games, selling items in their shops, raising their levels. In reality, most play for their own entertainment and later, as they become more immersed in the community, reputation. I don’t blame them. Though Neopets is intended to be all about raising your pet, it’s simply impossible to really care about a pet when to most Neopians, it’s just a picture on a screen that occasionally wants to be fed mointangible images or play with a new graphic. This is a slight fault of the game-makers, but with an imagination, you can take care of it easily.

In a growing trend that has been around since the early days of Neopia, we seem to have lost our memories or experiences of our very first neopet.

You know? The ones we created, The ones we named, The ones we just knew were the ‘coolest’. Needless to say these pets were probably among the most common.

Of course in life we are always left wanting more, this time fueled by the beautiful, elite and stronger looking neopets badged ‘limited edition’ and ‘restricted’. At the time we weren’t even really sure what this meant, We did know, however that we had to get our hands on them.