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In a world where everything seems safe and everyone lives in harmony, a mysterious boy can tear it all apart. The evils of Neopia will rise. A hero is in need, one who can save not only himself, but also his planet.

Chapter 1: The Arrival

“COME ON!!!!! ARRGGGGG!!!! You know I beat the high score! Stupid machine!!” I punched the Meerca Chase machine. “Come on Shadow were leaving.”

“Awe, just a few more seconds.” complained my blue Gelert, Shadow.

We walked out of the arcade and headed home. We live in Starsville on the eastern side of Neopia, about 2 hours away from the Mystery Island. It was kinda a quiet place to live. Everynight we have stars even if it is cloudy, they overpower the dark puffs and shine on the town.