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Hello there once again! Here’s yet another helpful game guide to Neopet’s game Snowball Fight. I hope this turns out to be very helpful to those who need it.

Table of Contents

Introduction/Controls and Gameplay Basics

Alright. Basically, you are a blue Kogura that has decided to throw wet, cold snowballs at innocent passerbys. What fun! The only controls in this game is your mouse. Move your mouse to move your position, and click to throw a snowball.

Easy enough? You are able to throw a certain amount of snowballs. You start out with 50 snowballs (five snowball icons represents ten a piece) and each time you throw a snowball, the icons get smaller. When you run out, GAME OVER! The higher you click on the screen, the higher you throw the snowballs. If you click closer down towards the wall your behind, you’ll throw them lower.