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This is free 960 NP!

I don’t play easy, because it’s so easy it’s like cheating. I prefer medium level. Hard is impossible trust me.

Select medium level. When the game starts, let your opponent hit it back, then moved up until just nice to hit the “ball”. It’ll go like this if done correctly. (# is u and your opponent. * is the ball’s movement)

* *
#* * *
# * * #
# * * #
* * #

Neopets has been a fabulous experience. I have never played such an enthusiastic, enjoyable and exciting game. With loads of quizzes, puzzles and games, you will never get tired of it. Everyday there’s new parts to explore with learning experiences every step of the way!


You have the choice of easy, medium or hard. There are loads of different types to choose from and all different. Each one gets harder, so the harder it gets, the more neopoints you receive!


With over 20 different types of topics to choose from, they give you the chance to say what you want and when you want to say it. I often advertise my shop or say my opinion on games.

Ever see that title on some type of Neopian board? I know I have plenty of times and I’m sure some people think, “What the? What is an application? Why do pets need them anyway?” I’m here to tell you they can be very important, fun, and may get you a new pet!

The Basics:

An app is a little something you put together on one of your pets petpages(get it. petpage app :P) Anyway, it tells why you want their pet and why you deserve him/her most etc. First, you must know making an application is not a waste of time and don’t worry, you will be considered if you follow my guide. Don’t freak if you think you won’t have enough time because if apps are needed, others who would like the pet are making apps too! The owner will wait for you. Don’t worry 😉

How to identify a scammer

Unfortunately, there are plenty of scammers in Neopia. And I was unfortunate enough to run into some of these people, but luckily I didn’t get scammed. Sometimes in shops: If the here icon to report the shop is right next to the username, it’s a scam. And sometimes people will scam you by neomail. Chain letters aren’t as bad a scam though, as ones directly asking for your password. Remember: Neopets will never ask for your password via e-mail OR neomail. One scammer I met couldn’t even spell Faerie right…*shakes head* Remember that Neopets can also spell it’s own words. Also, sometimes it’s good to put two and two together to see if you’re being scammed. One time, I put one of my rarest items up for trade. Then, I got a neomail asking for my username and password from contests2000, who is now frozen. Here’s the two and two together: I had a rare item up for trade, and I got a neomail asking for my username and password. Remember to be careful, but have fun too! –