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To all those who have played Neopets or may currently do so, prepare to probably have your views on the entire game changed. This article, especially for hardcore players such as your battledomers, traders, or other rich entities, will challenge everything you’ve ever known.

First a question: How many of you know someone who has been iced? I’m sure most of you know at least one person. Now how many of those people claimed an unfair icing? Again, a fair amount. Now I’m sure some of these people have legitimate claims, but the rest may have slipped up at least once which resulted in an icing.


If YOU want loads of neopoints(np) play loads of games – if you don’t know how to play, read the instructions and try TIP: don’t send your score the first time you play, you want to get better, then send your score. I can’t go on games (apart from luck and chance) though because of my computer so I have to find other ways to get np.


Dont buy anything like food, toys etc. (your pets cant really die). If you find a sale… buy whatever is on the sale and wait till the price goes up again and either sell it in your shop (if you have one) or put it in auction (go to your inventory and click on the item… go on the drop down list and click on “put up for auction”).