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NeggSweeper works very much like Mine Sweeper, a game most Windows users are surely familiar with.

Basically, there is a tab square filled with neggs, one for each square. Its width depends on the level you choose to play. With easy level you have a 9×9 tab. With medium level you have a 12×12 tab and with hard level you have a.

You have to click on one negg at time. The page will reload and a number will replace the negg image. The number indicates how many ‘bombs’ (the red neggs, in this case) there are around that particular square. It is easier to start from the corners, because there are less sides that can be mined.

NeggSweeper Guide by Jenn

Kym Huynh —  February 19, 2018 — Leave a comment

NeggSweeper a new Neopets game. The concept is the same as Mine Sweeper on most windows computers. You click a tile and what ever number comes up is how many mines (red neggs) are next to it. Whether it be up, down, right, left, or even diagonal, be careful of the mines. If you click one you lose, that’s basically the only things I have to say about it. Oh if you’re new to the game start on the easy level till you fully understand the game. And keep an eye on how many tiles are left. It just might affect the choice of the tile you click.

For those that have played minesweeper (a game that comes with the Microsoft system) this is going to be a cinch; but I will cover every aspect of the game anyways…

First of all, read the rules:

To begin a game, choose which difficulty level you wish to play. The harder the level, the more the payoff will be for winning!

To play, you simply have to click on any of the neggs on the board. If you click on a negg that does not have any bad neggs surrounding it, it will clear all of the surrounding neggs as well, up until it reaches a negg that does have a trap next to it. You may even get a bonus if you clear multiple neggs with one click!

Background Information

Neggsweeper is a non-flash puzzle game with a rating of Medium and as the game says it is all about negg here. In this game there are two high score tables, one for a single game and one for cumulative games! There are 3 levels for you to choose which are “Easy”, “Medium” and “Hard”. The motive of this game is to click on all the good neggs and avoid clicking on the bad neggs which are RED in color for it means Game Over! This game will surely challenge even the toughest players! Yes it is!

The game is pretty simple once you get acquainted with it. It is exactly like minesweeper (which can most likely be found under “Games” in your start menu if you’re a Windows user).

The basic concept is that the numbers that appear tell you what the eight surrounding tiles contain. If the number that shows up is a three, for example, three of those tiles have red neggs. Click one and it’s game over. Here are some simple pointers to help you on your way to winning lots of neopoints (up to 3,000 neopoints a day!):

  1. Your first few times playing, play on easy. This will let you get a feel for the game.
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