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NeggSweeper works very much like Mine Sweeper, a game most Windows users are surely familiar with.

Basically, there is a tab square filled with neggs, one for each square. Its width depends on the level you choose to play. With easy level you have a 9×9 tab. With medium level you have a 12×12 tab and with hard level you have a.

You have to click on one negg at time. The page will reload and a number will replace the negg image. The number indicates how many ‘bombs’ (the red neggs, in this case) there are around that particular square. It is easier to start from the corners, because there are less sides that can be mined.

NeggSweeper Guide by Jenn

Kym Huynh —  February 19, 2018 — Leave a comment

NeggSweeper a new Neopets game. The concept is the same as Mine Sweeper on most windows computers. You click a tile and what ever number comes up is how many mines (red neggs) are next to it. Whether it be up, down, right, left, or even diagonal, be careful of the mines. If you click one you lose, that’s basically the only things I have to say about it. Oh if you’re new to the game start on the easy level till you fully understand the game. And keep an eye on how many tiles are left. It just might affect the choice of the tile you click.