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1) Burned/partially burned neggs:

Neggs that are completely burned (i.e. the grill meter reaches maximum) do not count towards the grill quota. They are automatically discarded as soon as a side is completely burned and their value is deducted from your score.

Partially burned neggs (i.e. the grill meter goes past the green line but doesn’t reach maximum) count towards the grill quota. A number of points are deducted from your score, depending on how burned they are.

2) Higher value neggs:

Higher value neggs need considerably less grilling time (some less than others). Be alert, as they’re extremely easy to get burned and, as they are highly valued, a lot more points are deducted from your score.

Dave, Drake, Evan Murphy, Jonny, Kym, Meepitman and Siobhan join together in this star studded, action packed podcast episode to discuss anything and everything related to Neopets starting from Neopian Neggs to Altador Cup Prizes to whether or not Neopets is being sexist.