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This is one of the easiest things you must do in the game, but I still see people mess up on such a simple thing. There is a variety of different ways you can serve, and sometimes you can earn easy points from serves.

On the first serve you take your fingers off of the left and right keys. You don’t have to remove them from the keys; you just have to not press them. You press the up key. That causes you to throw the ball high into the air. Now you have two options. You can stand there and do nothing, yes, nothing. The ball will bounce right off of your forehead, and the ball will most likely fly right over the net. You can also jump in the air before the ball lands. That way the ball would bounce right on top of your hands, causing the ball to soar right over the net. The ball will fly much higher if you jump.

Have you ever felt that Mynci Beach Volleyball is a tough game to beat? Well, I used to feel this way as well until I discovered some tactics and tricks to beat the opponent. Here are some of the tips, tricks and tactics I use that you can adopt to make you good at Mynci Beach Volleyball.

Tips Section

Tip #1: Do NOT keep jumping around.
“Yeah sure… jumping allows me to catch the ball and hit it back…” I’m sure that’s what most of you were thinking. BUT I said to not do it frequently. Jump only when you really need to. Do you realize that every time you jump, you are in mid-air and are VERY vulnerable to losing a point? This is because when you are in mid-air and the opponent suddenly makes a hit, you can’t move back or forth fast enough to receive the ball and it makes you open to the attack. Hence, stay on the ground for as much as possible so that you can rush back and forth to receive the ball.