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Hello and welcome to xxchibixkiwixx’s Game Guide to Destruct-O-Match on, the most addicting game on the entire site! (In my personal opinion ;3)

Here is a table of contents for this guide.

I. The Object of the Game
II. Game Modes
III. Boulder Powerups and Abilities
IV. Basic Strategy

I. The Object of the Game

The object of the Destruct-O-Match is basically that of Bejeweled. You have to rid the playing field of all the boulders. Simple, right? You can only make boulders disappear by clicking twice on groups of three boulders or more touching each other of the same colour. The more in the row you click on, the more points you get. To get to the next level, you have to meet the score requirement located in the lower left corner of the screen. Your score is displayed on the top left corner.