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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, and you better ~_^ , is to help Jim Hawkings get to the legacy, with the help of his noble steed, the solar surfer. A contraption of wondrous ability, your trekking distance is shown those the meter bar below the screen. Within the game, to aid you on your quest, which you have now accepted might I add :), are treasures which will give you neopoints, and powerups which will help repair your shield. Alas, like most quests, there are bad people out to get you. In this story, and in this world, the pirates are the embodiment of the ‘bad people’. Be very careful and wary =]

Whilst being on the Neoboards, specifically, on the games Neoboard, I noticed a lot of people wanted help with the latest game on Neopets. So I thought, “I’ll do one!”. After 10 straight hours of game play, I’ve mastered my strategy, and ended up with a bronze trophy for the game. ^_^ This article will go through all the aspects of the game, from controls, to strategies, to advice from other Neopets players!

Basic Game Idea
In this game you have to fly around an un-manned ship, collect jewels and glowing orbs of Kreludan Metal, and then return it to the processing drop-off area of the Kreludan Mining Corporation building (Why not just use bionic Cybunnies?).