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NeggSweeper Guide by Jenn

Kym Huynh —  February 19, 2018 — Leave a comment

NeggSweeper a new Neopets game. The concept is the same as Mine Sweeper on most windows computers. You click a tile and what ever number comes up is how many mines (red neggs) are next to it. Whether it be up, down, right, left, or even diagonal, be careful of the mines. If you click one you lose, that’s basically the only things I have to say about it. Oh if you’re new to the game start on the easy level till you fully understand the game. And keep an eye on how many tiles are left. It just might affect the choice of the tile you click.

Neggsweeper, as hopefully you’ve noticed, is nearly identical to Minesweeper, a common game included with Windows operation systems. In this game, you try to locate a number of “bad neggs” using your logic–and often a spot of luck. The objective is to locate all the “bad neggs”, using the ctrl-click command.

It costs 30 neopoints per play, and can win you lots more once you get obsessed (hard to avoid!). The trophy is a…well…pretty lame-looking negg 😛

The best way I can teach how to master Neggsweeper is to give a few common situations. Using these, you should be able to understand the logic necessary and then be able to formulate your own conclusions later on. For starters, choose a few random spots on the map. Hopefully, this will clear away about twenty tiles, more or less depending on your luck. If you unfortunately got a “bad negg”, restart and try again. You will now notice that there are a bunch of tiles with 1’s and 2’s and 3’s…in fact, these numbers can go up to 8, but it’s m most commonly between 1-4. These numbers represent how many “bad neggs” surround that tile horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. (All the tiles without numbers on them are considered cleared, and you won’t have to worry about them). Okay, now for the situations. If these look all messy, copy them into Notepad and use a fixed-width font (such as Courier New) to view them correctly.

Neggsweeper is one of the few (if the only) Neopets game with a cumulative score. You pay 30 NPs to start the game so have at least that amount on hand.

If youve played Minesweeper, than this game is identical. Clicking on a negg will reveal a number, an empty space or a red negg (Game Over, hombre). By the power of deductive reasoning, you should be able to find all the empty spaces and therefore avoid all the mines.

I assume that there are many starting points for Neggsweeper, but Ill start with the two main ones I can think of.

Clicking in the corner: My personal strategy. You have five possible outcomes.


Welcome to my guide! So you want to learn more about the game Neggsweeper.

Well, as you surely already know, it is the old windows game “Minesweeper”, dressed up as a Neopets game using Neopets terms and images (such as the neggs).

To win this game, you must bring a great deal of logic, perseverance and also, luck.

To start with, you have the choice of three difficulties: Easy, Medium and Hard. Not only do the boards increase in size as the difficulty increases, but the complexity of the board increases as well, meaning that on a Hard difficulty board you might encounter tiles with 6 or more adjacent bombs, while the number rarely goes over three on an easy board.