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How to obtain the Escape From Meridell Castle Avatar

To obtain this avatar, be in the Top 50 on the Escape from Meridell Castle Hi-Score table.

This avatar is very easy and best to obtain if you play Escape From Meridell Castle at the end of the first day of the next coming month and score maybe around 1300+. The Hi-Score tables resets every month, so the scores are smaller then you think. At the end of the day gives you an idea of what should you score. And I recommend you to score around 1300+.

Before you “try” for the avatar,

Invasion of meridell can be quite a difficult game if you do not think things over and properly prepare yourself. With these few tips you will be on your way to beating all of the missions with relative ease.

1. Always go for the items on the earlier missions and mobilize all of your troops so you can get them with some decent attack/defence strength.

2. Always battle near the potions at the center of the level so if you are low on health, one move will take you to a potion.

3. Once your skieth has the amulet, your in the good and you will have an easier time beating the enemy. On the first turn, teleport your skieth so it is able to attack one creature and only one creature may attack back, this will interrupt the movement of the enemy and allow you to get your troops in position. Once you save a skieth invader on the third mission then you should get him an amulet and get rid of your moehog. I strongly recommend two skieths with teleport amulets, they will win you the battles.

Hi there, this is motomichi (my username). I’ve completed the game ‘Invasion Of Meridell’ but it took some time. Here’s a decent strategy on winning.

Firstly, start the game (duh) You start off with the 5 different species, moehog, skeith, techo, scorchio and grundo. There are 5 missions, each with a different species of invader. When you have kill one, it turns into a normal villager which you can use. Each level gets harder and harder, by adding more against you and the invaders strength, defense and HP increase. There is also a ‘Lost Item’ on every mission. Obtain it increase your strength. After a battle, you have to choose 5 soldiers to use. You get one for every invader you kill. I recommend using only your starting 5. Their stats are better.

Fly higher

You may fly higher (up to 5 blocks higher) by tapping up instead of holding it. Most useful in levels 9 and 12, though can be helpful throughout entire game. – ddaniiel

Level 19 secret level

19 secret level has no spikes or walls, but rather a never ending freefall where one can claim up to 94 stars (any more is impossible). Unfortunately the only way to die in this level is to wait for the 5 minutes, or 300 seconds, to run out. This level is different to the level 11 bonus in that you have 300 seconds, not 10, to collect stars, and you do not progress onto the next level after finishing, you repeat level 19 again and again until your lives expire. – ddaniiel

The game of complete chance where to me, it seems impossible to get a high score (due to the seemingly impossible scores some people get [It’s like winning lotto!]), you’ll either love this game or not like this game. Belonging to the world of Meridell, the host is an iffy, unscrupulous, unprincipled looking skeith. Be careful around him, his grin is deadly!

Based on the heads tails rules of probability, the chances of you as the player progressing is always one half. For instance, the probability or chance of me tossing a heads on the next throw will be one half. As you progress, it is up to you to decide whether or not to continue for the big bucks, or to stop and take all.