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Now I have read several neopoint making guides but when I tried them, they seemed impossible, as if the writer had not even used their own method. Well I decided I wanted a more realistic and ideal method so this is how I set it up. I decided on a goal of 2000np per day. Since I cant really play games on weekdays, I tried to limit the games used. On weekdays, I have a total of 3 games and of course the daily freebies. On weekends, it not much different although I’m sure you will get better scores because of the time you have. The stock market is also great. I used this method from when I first started and got 100k in about two months because I was not so good at the games. But as I played more, I got better scores. Then with my 100k I invested in BOOM. That gave me about 20k profit. I sold and now had 120k in my bank. I then used all 120k to buy as many PEOP stocks as I could in the cheapest rate and after a few weeks I sold like crazy!!! I then had 270k!!! The stock market is worth your time and so is earning a little amount of money at a time. Soon you may add on one more game or set your daily goal to 4000 neopoints a day!

Let’s face it, you are not the laid back easy going neopian. You are also not the type of neopian that finds it neccessary to spend more than 2 hours every day on neopets. Well then this guide is for you! This guide will tell you how to make it big time, considering how much you have currently =]

300+ Neopoints! *Note: This depends on your performance on this game
Name: Meerca Chase
Genre: Action
Difficulty: Easy
Average Time Taken: 3-5 minutes

To play Meerca Chase you must move the Meerca around the maze eating the Happiness Neggs using the arrow keys. The more you eat, the longer your tail gets! If you bump into the walls, or hit your own tail then you lose. The more Neggs you eat, the more points. Good Luck! Remember, stay away from the Red Neggs. If you pick up one of those, you lose!

Hey my name is lime_nile and I bet that you’ve probably heard the game called 10k a day. Well first off I’ll give you some awesome games to play that help me out A LOT!

Dubloon Disaster:

This game is REALLY good because firstly it gives you tons of neopoints when you send it. if you get 160 or more you automatically get 1000 neopoints. How I got my high score was by talking either to myself or on the telephone. I dodged the mites and I got an avantar from doing that! A cheat to use is scallywags, it automatically makes a whirlpool that sucks up the dynamite!

Okay I went through a lot of np making guides and they really ask you to do a lot. If you’re like me, usually on the go then maybe this guide will help you. I put together a lot of different tips from different guides and added a few of my own too. I hope you will enjoy this guide!

1. Make a goal for how many neopoints you want to make a day, over 1,000-3,000 NPs would help you some people even get over 20k! So you should at least get over 1,000-3,000 NPs daily or if you play only a few days a week try to make more neopoints. Also don’t stress yourself in trying to make so many a day, you’ll just get lazy and decide not to even bother anymore.

After reading tons of get rich guides, I’ve decided to make my own.

I’ve read and re-read the printed out guides I have and I’ve found something they’ve all left out.

Do not spend your neopoints the second you get them! Remember, put at least half of your profit in the bank, the of half is for you to spend 😉 Now, I shall begin.

After you’ve made an account that suits you, you need to make four pets, you will receive 50 Neopoints per pet, it’s not much but that’s 200 added to what you start off with.

Next, don’t get your newbie pack and buy an item, and never have more than 10 items, if you do this, everyday you can get a cracker or a nerkmid, they sell for hundreds and thousands.