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To get 100,000np is really easy. I don’t know why people grumble about it. Take these straight forward tips from the beginning and you will soon become a neo-millionaire!

1. Open up an account. You get 200np.

2. Make four pets. You get another 200np.

3. Open up a bank account to store your money in. Put the money you already have in the bank.

4. Play these games. Of course, there are a lot, but hey, you do want to get 100,000np?

Game Name Play it 1 time Play it 3 times

As soon as I log-on to Neopets, this is what I do:

1.On school days, I wait a while then go to the Snowager at 4:30. Well, 4:30 where I am…

2.Then exactly on the hour or exactly thirty minutes after the hour, I go to Coltzans Shrine.

3.Same for Fruit Machine ^

4. I buy about 5 bottles of sand for 1 NP each then donate them, then I go play Tombola (try to go exactly on the hour or 30 mins after the hour). Even if I don’t win, he almost alwats feels sorry for me and gives me NP.

5. I play Meerca Chase (3 times)

Tips For Newbies by trfc791

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Neopets has changed a lot since I first started playing, back in 2000. Back then, having 1000 NP was a rare commodity. Bitten Green Apples sold for 1 NP and people were glad just for fellow Neopians to patronize their shops. Now, if you don’t even have 1000 NP, you are pathetic. So how? You start with just 250…

First, visit places such as Tombola and the Fruit Machine regularly. Put whatever you win there up for auction or trade. Tombola guarantees you something without fail, while the Fruit Machine wins you food once in a while. Don’t start a shop yet. Stock up on food, a lot of it.

Let’s face it, you are not the laid back easy going neopian. You are also not the type of neopian that finds it neccessary to spend more than 2 hours every day on neopets. Well then this guide is for you! This guide will tell you how to make it big time, considering how much you have currently =]

300+ Neopoints! *Note: This depends on your performance on this game
Name: Meerca Chase
Genre: Action
Difficulty: Easy
Average Time Taken: 3-5 minutes

To play Meerca Chase you must move the Meerca around the maze eating the Happiness Neggs using the arrow keys. The more you eat, the longer your tail gets! If you bump into the walls, or hit your own tail then you lose. The more Neggs you eat, the more points. Good Luck! Remember, stay away from the Red Neggs. If you pick up one of those, you lose!

Hey my name is lime_nile and I bet that you’ve probably heard the game called 10k a day. Well first off I’ll give you some awesome games to play that help me out A LOT!

Dubloon Disaster:

This game is REALLY good because firstly it gives you tons of neopoints when you send it. if you get 160 or more you automatically get 1000 neopoints. How I got my high score was by talking either to myself or on the telephone. I dodged the mites and I got an avantar from doing that! A cheat to use is scallywags, it automatically makes a whirlpool that sucks up the dynamite!