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Lost Desert Plot Solutions

Kym Huynh —  December 25, 2017 — Leave a comment

Want up to date information on how to solve the latest Neopets plot, the Lost Desert? This place provides up-to-date information on the latest finds and discoveries, and also provides a historical archive of plot advancements for those starting out late.

Lost Desert Plot Forum Threads

These forum threads contain all the latest information. They can be accessed by everyone, but to contribute to the discussion and share information, you will need to register at the PPT Forum to become a PPT member. Only the latest forum thread can be contributed to as older threads become archived. The latest threads appear at the top (for example, the lower the number, the older the thread).

Marcus, Stacey, Rachel, Josh and Chass head up the host list for the this installment of The Pink Poogle Toy Podcast and discuss topics ranging from Neopets’ new video game “The Wand of Wishing”, the new PIN number system, the Lost Desert Plot, the new biscuit paintbrush, the changes to the world challenges to an almighty exclusive, an interview with a former Neopets monitor! Huzzah!


Alex, Emma, Kym, Marcus and Rachel take the helm for this episode after what can only be described as multiple signs from God that he doesn’t want this episode to go ahead. From lag, to a host’s sound card chip frying moments before recording began, to finding replacement hosts to discussing everything but what we’re suppose to discuss, we finally do discuss the Lost Desert plot, the implications of turning your neopet into a real thing, the scary Neopets advertisements on television, the use of toilets in Neopia, fashion in Neopia and what each of us would do if we were owners for a day.