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Kou-Jong Cheats

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Receive an extra hint

Type in cyodrake while playing and you will receive an extra hint! – Grace Nicolas

Kou-Jong Guide by Brad Mckenzie

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Kou-Jong is an immensely profitable Neopets game. A player can breeze through the “easy” setting, hitting all the bonuses, and receive 450+ neopoints. Play that the allotted three times per day, and you can get 1350+ neopoints, or, once you’re experienced enough, you can play on medium difficulty and receive around 1000 NP per play… 3000 NP a day from one game! Excited much? Follow this guide to Kou-Jong greatness!

Part 1: An Introduction to Kou-Jong

  • First off, you need a computer mouse. Done? Good. Moving on.
  • Kou-Jong is under the “Board Games” section of the Neopets games area. Click it… seriously, you have to.
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Kou-Jong Guide by Chrissy

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((Just a note before you continue reading… I am not familiar with all the names of the images in Kou-Jong, so I will describe them to the best of my ability. Hope this helps!))

Kou-Jong is a fairly simple game after lots of experience. I hope this guide can help you become a better Kou-Jong player, even if you have never played before.
First off, the rules. To win a stage in Kou-Jong, you must remove all the tiles by matching two at a time. (It is not necessary to know what the images on the tiles are, and none of them have special powers (like some of the tiles in destruct-o-match II)) To remove a tile, at least one of two sides (left + right sides) must be unblocked by another tile, and cannot be underneath another tile.